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Well Done Tom and Laura


They made the videos for Pump up the Stem Video Competition.  Laura and Tom were going to astronomy club with them every month before lock down.

They had to produce a video up to 4 minutes long.

The judge in their category (Ages 9 - 12) was Sue Nelson - a radio producer and BBC TV science correspondent.

She put Laura in 3rd place - her comments to Laura were that she chose her because it was an experiment done in one take (I wouldn't know how to do anything else!), Laura was a bit quiet in places but she should feel more confident - she can do it!

She put Tom in 2nd in the 9 - 12's and Amelia Piper who runs chose Tom's as the most enthusiastic video out of all age categories (5-18) - apparently because of all the information he gave and the knowledge that he had gained in learning about pH for his experiment.  

Tom won a £40 voucher for Bright Minds which he's splitting with Laura.  As part of his prize he also got the chance to be a panellist on a live you tube event last weekend celebrating Space Week.  He got to interview Herb Baker from NASA and question astronaut Nicole Stott.  It went on for over 3 hours!  The artist that designs mission patches for the astronauts space suits was on, and Tom's going to get a patch that he's designed for the new Artemis missions going back to the moon.  Then yesterday through the post he got a certificate and an engraved medal.


Biblical Value

John 13v34  “A new command I give you to love one another as I have loved you”