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Home Reading

At The Redeemer, we strive to instill a lifelong love of reading for all pupils so that all children leave school as skilled, knowledgeable readers. We see home reading as a vital part of our mission and below is a guide to explain how it works through school. 




In Key Stage One the following year groups will take home the following books: 



  • 1 decodable reading book that matches the child’s current phonic knowledge.  
  • 1 reading for pleasure book 
  • I Talkabout Card 


Year One 

  • 1 decodable reading book that matches the child’s current phonic knowledge 
  • 1 colour banded book 
  • 1 reading for pleasure book 


Year Two 

  • 2 colour banded books 
  • (1 decodable reading book if there are gaps in their phonics knowledge) 
  • 1 reading for pleasure book 


The decodable reading book should match the sounds that your child currently knows and the aim is that your child should be able to read it confidently and fluently. It is recommended that it is read at least 3 times during the week: once to decode, once with fluency and once using expression and intonation. The colour banded book will also be in line with your child’s current reading level. 


Reading Record Books 

In your child’s reading record book, please can you write down the title of the book that you are reading and the date on which it has been read, as well as your initials. On each day that your child reads a book or part of a book, a dojo will be awarded to your child. Your teacher will total up the amount of reads your child has completed in a week and write this in your reading record book. These will then be added to your child’s overall dojo total for the week. This will hopefully be an added incentive to encourage your child to read as much and as frequently as possible. Teachers will always read and acknowledge any comments written in your child’s reading record book and address any issues raised. Books will be sent out on a Tuesday and should be returned to school on the following Monday. This will give teaching staff time to change your child’s book and read any comments written in reading record books.  





In KS2, all children will take home a reading book with a reading level to help them build their fluency and develop their understanding of a text. We use reading levels because  it allows children to feel and become successful readers, completing multiple books over the year, letting them experience a wide range of genres. 


Our home reading books offer a range of text types so children can enjoy a variety of texts:


Greatest Stories - Classic children stories


Chucklers - Funny stories


Myths and Legends - Classic famous tales


inFact - Non-fiction on a variety of topics


Reflect - A mixture of non-fiction stories with positive messages about being a good citizen





All KS2 children have the opportunity to change their reading books first thing in the morning before worship or at morning break time. 



When deciding a child's reading level we use a running record, which shows us how successful children are at word reading, followed up by some questions for understanding. A home reading book should be easy for the child to read, building their confidence and developing a pleasure for reading.  We have planned in assessment windows across the school year to enable teachers to see whether children need a different level reading. As list of questions to ask children when reading can be found here. If you have any serious concerns then please talk to your child's class teacher. 


KS2 Reading Challenge


In the cover of children's reading record books is a Reading Challenge, which is designed to encourage the children to read a wide range of text types. Children should write in the box when they have read a book to match one of the descriptions. You cannot write a book in more than one box. Children who have completed the challenge will be celebrated in class! 



Reading Records


When choosing their reading text, children should write in their reading records the new book they have chosen and the date they have selected it. When reading with your child, please sign a date you have read. Please just sign and date when you have heard your child read their home reading book. Lengthy comments are not expected and due to the busyness of the day teachers will not always have time to check comments. Instead, if there are any issues, please talk to your child's class teacher. We aim for each child to have been heard reading at home at least 5 times a week


Lost or damaged books


We ask that everyone looks after our schools books, treating them with respect. Where books are lost or damaged a letter will go home asking for a contribution of £6.00 to the order of new stock.






Biblical Value

John 13v34  “A new command I give you to love one another as I have loved you”