Mrs B Asgharyzadegan

Year 5 Class 11 Teacher / Science subject leader Key Stage 1 / Associate tutor with Schools Direct

Likes: spending time with family, friends and music and dance
Dislikes:  bad manners and unfairness
Favourite Place: Benmore Botanical gardens in Scotland and Hampton Court Palace
Favourite Book:   any good mystery story
Favourite Film: ‘Singing in the Rain’ and other musicals
Favourite Word: fun
Favourite Food:  cottage pie

Mr S Smallridge

Year 3 Class Teacher

Likes: Reading, cycling, walking, travelling and 00s indie music
Dislikes: Laziness, wasting time
Favourite Place: Stockholm, Snowdonia and Florence
Favourite Book: Child: Cogheart by Peter Bunzl, Adult: The Sense of an Ending by Julian Barnes
Favourite Film: Little Miss Sunshine
Favourite Word: Seldom
Favourite Food:  Pizza, Burger, Avocado

What I would like to be remembered for:  Making a difference

Mrs T Ashworth

Teaching Assistant

Likes: reading and walking
Dislikes: bad manners
Favourite Place:  Lake District and home
Favourite Book:  Dumbo and The Magic Faraway Tree
Favourite Film:  Dirty Dancing
Favourite Word:  holiday
Favourite Food:  chicken and chips and garlic mushrooms

Mrs R Barnes

Upper Key Stage 2 leader and part time classteacher for Year 5 / Subject Leader for Literacy, Writing, History, Drama and member of the Worship Team / Specialist Leader In Education and Associate tutor with schools direct / Acting Part Time Assistant Headteacher at St Stephens Tockholes / TEAM teaching school Specialist Leader in Education Co-ordination Team

Likes:  wild beaches and cycling
Dislikes: when people don’t show respect to one another
Favourite Place:  New Zealand, Chile, Scotland and France
Favourite Book:  detective fiction
Favourite Film:  Pretty Woman
Favourite Word:  holidays
Favourite Food:  seafood

Mrs J Blackburn

Business Assistant / TEAM teaching school admin

Likes: craft work, baking, walking, family night, lattes and pink grape juice
Dislikes: lies, other peoples feet and the sound of people eating
Favourite Place: New York and Florida
Favourite Book:  Into Thin Air
Favourite Film: Bridesmaids, Pearl Harbour, Date Night, Dirty Dancing and Billy Elliott
Favourite Word: wellibobs
Favourite Food: pasta, hummus and guacamole
What I would like to be remembered for: being a good mum and wife

Miss A Brierley

Business Assistant

Likes: Animals, sunrises, and cooking
Dislikes: Rudeness, lavender, and being too cold
Favourite Place: My bed or anywhere sunny
Favourite Book: Girl Interrupted and The Magic Faraway Tree
Favourite Film: Titanic
Favourite Word: Doodle
Favourite Food: Anything vegan
What I would like to be remembered for: Always having a smile on my face

Mrs L Butterworth

Year 3 Class 8 Teacher / Literacy subject leader – reading lead / Associate tutor with schools direct

Likes: spending time with family and friends, and the summer
Dislikes: cold and rainy mornings
Favourite Place:  France and St Lucia
Favourite Book:  The Green Mile
Favourite Film:  The Little Mermaid and The mechanic
Favourite Food:  Italian and Mexican

Mr N Chew

ICT Network Manager

Likes: maths and music
Dislikes: rudeness
Favourite Place: Norway
Favourite Book: historical fiction and adventure
Favourite Film: Grease, The Good The Bad and The Ugly
Favourite Word: phrygian
Favourite Food: Italian, Spanish, Greek and Indian Food
What I would like to be remembered for: being a reliable solver of problems

Mrs A Croak

Higher Level Teaching Assistant and Teaching Assistant

Likes: Strictly Come Dancing, spending time with family and friends and knitting.
Dislikes: litter
Favourite Place: Lake District and Edinburgh
Favourite Book: P.S. I Love you and Elizabeth is Missing.
Favourite Film: Dirty Dancing
Favourite Word: love
Favourite Food: apple crumble & custard.
What I would like to be remembered for: being a caring wife, mum and grandma and caring for others.

Miss E Crockford

Teaching Assistant

Likes: family time
Dislikes: technology
Favourite Place: home, the Lake District and the Yorkshire Dales
Favourite Book:  The Green Mile
Favourite Film: Miracle on 34th Street. (Richard Attenborough)
Favourite Food:  Revels

Miss S Crofts

Class Teacher Foundation Stage / MFL Subject Leader

Likes: the outdoors, running and spending time with my family
Dislikes: mushy peas and people who don’t use their manners
Favourite Place: Pendle Hill
Favourite Book: any Thomas Hardy novel
Favourite Film: Gladiator
Favourite Word: holidays
Favourite Food: Paella
What I would like to be remembered for: being kind and thoughtful and always willing to listen and help

Mrs D Cross

Teaching Assistant

Likes: running
Dislikes: swimming
Favourite Place: the Lake District
Favourite Film: Elf
Favourite Food: Indian food
What I would like to be remembered for: being a loyal, supportive friend and a good mum.

Mrs P Denton

Teaching Assistant

Likes: chocolate, food, shopping, keeping fit, talking and reading
Dislikes: being quiet, cold and any kind of fish
Favourite Place: anywhere in the sun
Favourite Book: way too many to choose a favourite one
Favourite Word: weekend
Favourite Food: anything that’s covered in chocolate
What I would like to be remembered for: being me

Mrs J Frankland

Teaching Assistant

Likes: listening to music, spending time with friends, family and sleeping
Dislikes: negativity and being cold
Favourite Place: Turkey, the Lake District and my bed
Favourite Book: Same Soul Many Bodies
Favourite Film: Mean Girls, Inception and The Polar Express
Favourite Word: Really?
Favourite Food: chocolate and bread
What I would like to be remembered for:  being me

Mrs J Derbyshire

Teaching Assistant

Likes: spending time with my family, shopping and Christmas.
Dislikes: computers and bad manners
Favourite Place: home, Scotland and Yorkshire coast
Favourite Book:  anything by Danielle Steele
Favourite Film: Grease and A Christmas Carol
Favourite Word: squiggle
Favourite Food:  Maltesers
What I would like to be remembered for: being a good mum, wife and friend

Mrs M Duncan

School Business Manager for The Redeemer School / Business Manager for TEAM Teaching School

Likes: chocolate and Animals
Dislikes: spiders
Favourite Place: Tenerife
Favourite Book: Pride and Prejudice
Favourite Film: Wizard of Oz
Favourite Word: fandabidosi
Favourite Food: yorkshire puddings
What I would like to be remembered for: being a great mum

Mrs L Evans

Teaching Assistant

To be Updated

Miss J Frankland

Year 5 Classteacher

Likes: travelling, visiting new places and going to the gym
Dislikes: rain
Favourite Place: Treste, Brazil and New Zealand
Favourite Book: Se una note d’inverno un viaggiatore
Favourite Film: Love Actually
Favourite Word: freckle
Favourite Food: cheese, avocado and blueberries

Mr C Gill

Site Supervisor

Likes: pickled onion crisps, family, the summer and sports
Dislikes: exercise and wearing a climbing harness
Favourite Place: bed, Centre Parks and Home
Favourite Book: autobiographies
Favourite Film: Star Wars (A New Hope) and Laurel and Hardy (the music box)
Favourite Word: Discombobulated
Favourite Food:  Chicken curry, samosa, donner kebab
What I would like to be remembered for: messing around

Miss S Harrison

Cleaning Operative

To Be Updated

Mrs J Harling

Class 5 Teacher / Maths Subject Leader / SLE / Associate tutor with Schools Direct

Likes: Walking my dog whatever the weather, going on holiday with friends and family, sitting by a fire on cold winter nights
Dislikes: meanness and greediness
Favourite Place: Witton park and Darwen Moors
Favourite Book: anything written by Terry Pratchett
Favourite Film: Mamma Mia
Favourite Word: joy
Favourite Food: cheese and onion crisps
What I would like to be remembered for: being a good friend and a kind teacher

Mrs A Hartley

Teaching Assistant

Likes:  Take that
Dislikes: Cauliflower
Favourite Place:  Florida
Favourite Book:  Charlie and the Chocolate factory
Favourite Film:  Star Wars
Favourite Word:  Holiday
Favourite Food:  Indian
What I would like to be remembered for:  Being a good friend

Miss M Henderson-Nelson

Catering Assistant

To Be Updated.

Mrs D Hodgson

Year 6 Class 14 Teacher / Computing Leader

Likes: reading and Burnley F.C
Dislikes: snoring
Favourite Place: hiding
Favourite Book: Hunger Games Trilogy
Favourite Film: The Green Mile
Favourite Word: fizzy
Favourite Food: cheese and onion pie

Miss A Jones

Business Assistant

Likes: reading
Dislikes: sprouts
Favourite Place: a hot beach
Favourite Book: any books by Lesley Pearce
Favourite Film: Taken
Favourite Word: pants
Favourite Food: curry
What I would like to be remembered for: being a great mother and good friend.

Mr R Knight

Cleaning Operative

Likes: films, games and the gym
Dislikes: fish and dad’s pointless jobs
Favourite Place:  Skiathos
Favourite Book:  Harry Potter and the Prisoners of Azkaban
Favourite Film:  Guardians of the Galaxy
Favourite Word: space
Favourite Food: sausage sandwich
What I would like to be remembered for: being a trier

Mrs S Mellor

Higher Level Teaching Assistant and Teaching Assistant

Likes: my family
Dislikes: duplicity and neglect
Favourite Place: Niagara Falls – Canada and home
Favourite Book:  Pride and Prejudice and the Harry Potter series
Favourite Film:  Ghost, Laurel and Hardy Films
Favourite Word:  love and peace
Favourite Food: peking duck with pancakes
What I would like to be remembered for: being a good mother

Mrs M Leaver

Teaching Assistant

Likes: reading and spending time with family
Dislikes: negative people
Favourite Place: St Ives
Favourite Book: Twilight Saga
Favourite Film: Willow and Shawshank Redemption
Favourite Food: Sunday roast and broth
What I would like to be remembered for: being a good mum and always being there when needed

Mrs Y Mahmood

Year 3 Teacher / Science Subject Leader / Teaching School Science “Fellow” and Science CPD leader / Associate tutor with Schools Direct

Likes: shopping, spa treatments and being with my loved ones
Dislikes: people who have too many excuses
Favourite Place: Medina
Favourite Book: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe
Favourite Film: Indian film called Veer Zara
Favourite Word: Love
Favourite Food: any type of dessert, I have a sweet tooth
What I would like to be remembered for: being a good friend

Mr C Marshall

Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Likes: football, food and family
Dislikes: vegetables and slow internet
Favourite Place: St Ives, Cornwall
Favourite Book: Blackburn Rovers programme
Favourite Word: fab
Favourite Food: Chinese
What I would like to be remembered for: being fair, firm and FUN

Mrs K Mayfield

Teaching Assistant

Likes: singing, shopping, clothes, chocolate and babies
Dislikes: mice and rats
Favourite Place: Italy
Favourite Book: The Lovely Bones
Favourite Film: Forest Gump and Mary Poppins
Favourite Word: numpty
Favourite Food: sausage, mash and beans
What I would like to be remembered for: being a little ‘crazy’

Mr J Mcleod

PE/Sport Subject Leader / Pupil Premium leader / Specialist leader in Education / Class 13 Year 6 Teacher

Likes: spending time with my two sons and family, Blackburn Rovers and walking in the countryside
Dislikes: selfies, Manchester United and bad manners
Favourite Place: Istanbul
Favourite Book: The Kite Runner and The Beach
Favourite Film: Blades of Glory
Favourite Food: fish pie
What I would like to be remembered for: being a great father

Mrs A Moran

Year 4 Teacher / R.E. Subject Leader

Likes: sunshine holidays and a good lie in at the weekend
Dislikes: bad manners
Favourite Place: Looe in Cornwall and Barbados
Favourite Book: Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, Charlotte’s Web and Room on the Broom
Favourite Film: any rom-com
Favourite Word: smile!
Favourite Food: roast lamb dinner and Italian food
What I would like to be remembered for: being a good wife and mum

Mrs J Murray

Office Manager

Likes: walking, fresh air and crafting
Dislikes: people who can’t look you in the eye when you are talking to them and the smell of petrol
Favourite Place: The Highlands of Scotland
Favourite Book: The Olive Farm by Carol Drinkwater
Favourite Film: Mamma Mia
Favourite Word: home time!
Favourite Food:  eggs – scrambled/boiled/poached – I love them!
What I would like to be remembered for:  my loyalty and the office Christmas displays

Mrs D Needham

Class Teacher Foundation Stage / PHSE Subject Leader

Likes: friendships, dogs, sunsets, snow and family
Dislikes: rudeness, wine, dark mornings and arguments
Favourite Place: home
Favourite Book:  P.S. I love You by Cecelia Ahern
Favourite Film: Les Miserable
Favourite Word: fabulous
Favourite Food: steak, bacon butties and chocolate
What I would like to be remembered for: being a great teacher

Mrs A Nelson

Kitchen Assistant

Likes: Dogs, Spending time with family and friends
Bad manners, being cold, getting wet in the rain
Favourite Place:
Favourite Book:
Anne Of Green Gables
Favourite Film:
Any true movies
Favourite Word:
Favourite Food:
Sunday Roast
What I would like to be remembered for:
Being a good grandma

Mrs M Potter

Catering Manager

Likes: zumba, sewing, knitting and gardening
Dislikes: bad manners
Favourite Place: home
Favourite Book: Twilight Saga
Favourite Film:  Strictly Ballroom
Favourite Word: please
Favourite Food: roast dinner
What I would like to be remembered for: just being me!

Mrs C Power

Year 4 Class 9 Teacher – Wednesday, Thursday and Friday / Maths Subject leader

Likes: sunshine
Dislikes: bad manners
Favourite Place: the bath
Favourite Book: Half Bad and Sally Green
Favourite Film: Star Trek
Favourite Word: family
Favourite Food: chocolate cake
What I would like to be remembered for: smiling

Mr M Power

Deputy Headteacher of The Redeemer School / Assessment and tracking and Mathematics Subject leader / Building and premises

Likes: outdoors
Dislikes: bad manners
Favourite Place: the Italian Lakes
Favourite Book: Feet in The Clouds
Favourite Film: The Shawshank Redemption
Favourite Word: exuberant
Favourite Food: seafood platter
What I would like to be remembered for: I’m hoping that I have a long time yet before people start remembering me! But probably trying my best.

Mrs M Prescott

Assistant Headteacher of The Redeemer School / Reading subject leader and Deputy Child Protection Teacher / Year 4 Teacher (Monday & Tuesday) / Initial Teacher Training co-leader for Schools Direct for TEAM Teaching School

Likes: reading, swimming and long summer days
Dislikes: bad manners, bananas and cold rainy days
Favourite Place: can’t limit to one – Edinburgh, London, Canary Islands and Cyprus
Favourite Book: too many, but most recent, ‘Unbroken’ by Laura Hillenbrand
Favourite Film: Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone
Favourite Word: holiday
Favourite Food: Indian or Chinese
What I would like to be remembered for: helping when I could and being a good listener

Mrs N Woodhouse

Year 1 Teacher / Music Subject Leader / Associate tutor with Schools Direct

Likes: cheese, sleeping, exercise, smiling, having fun, spending time with my family, singing and dancing
Dislikes: being tired, people being upset, being cold, rain and pain
Favourite Place: anywhere near water
Favourite Book: Noughts and Crosses
Favourite Film: Lion King
Favourite Word: love
Favourite Food: any cheese
What I would like to be remembered for: smiling, cuddling and making people feel loved

Mrs L Riley

Kitchen Assistant

Likes: being with family, walking and the little things that mean a lot
Dislikes: bad manners
Favourite Place: England
Favourite Film: Sleepless in Seattle and Home Alone
Favourite Word: Okidoak
Favourite Food: chocolate and Chinese food
What I would like to be remembered for: being me

Miss G Ross

Foundation Stage leader & SENCO / Specialist Leader of Education / Worship Team / Part-Time Assistant Headteacher at St Stephen’s Tockholes

Likes: reading, walking my dogs and laughing
Dislikes: being stuck in traffic and muddy fields
Favourite Place: by the pool in Spain
Favourite Book: 101 Dalmatians
Favourite Film: Princess Bride
Favourite Word: aluminium
Favourite Food: cheese

Miss A Shorrock

Kitchen Assistant

Likes: Reading, going on the motorbike, and walking
Dislikes: Bad manners
Favourite Place: Lanzarote
Favourite Book: Anything by Martine Cole
Favourite Film: Dirty Dancing
Favourite Word: Yabadabadoo
Favourite Food: Chicken Roast Dinner
What I would like to be remembered for: Being me

Mrs J Aspinall-Schilz

Higher Level Teaching Assistant and Teaching Assistant

Likes: being creative and helping others
Dislikes: scented products and bad manners
Favourite Place: Wales
Favourite Book: Peter Pan
Favourite Film: Beauty and the Beast
Favourite Word: rose
Favourite Food: Cadbury’s chocolate
What I would like to be remembered for: being friendly

Mrs A Ashworth-Taylor

Headteacher of The Redeemer School / Executive Headteacher of St Stephen’s School, Tockholes / Co-Lead of TEAM Teaching School / Designated Child Protection Lead

Likes: spending time with my family and friends, singing, karaoke and dancing
Dislikes: being tired and rudeness
Favourite Place: anywhere near the sea
Favourite Book: any crime thrillers!
Favourite Film: P.S. I Love You
Favourite Word: decant
Favourite Food: ravioli on toast and seafood (not together)
What I would like to be remembered for: being a great mum, smiling, caring and making a difference

Miss J Allen

Teaching Assistant

Likes: running, reading and dancing
Dislikes: people that think they know it all.
Favourite Place: London
Favourite Book: Any Martina Cole, Harlan Coben or Linwood Barclay books
Favourite Film: Sound of Music
Favourite Word: Holiday
Favourite Food: roast dinner
What I would like to be remembered for: the best accent in the school

Mrs A Wright

Year 2 teacher / Art subject leader / Associate tutor with Schools Direct

Likes: happy times with family and friends and seeing selfless acts of kindness
Dislikes: selfish, dangerous drivers and slugs (ugh!)
Favourite Place: home (wherever my family is), Cornwall and the Greek Islands
Favourite Book: Pride and Prejudice and the Alex Cross novels by James Patterson
Favourite Film: gritty courtroom dramas, The Sound of Music (seen at least 20 times) and Frozen
Favourite Word: love and holidays
Favourite Food: Greek
What I would like to be remembered for: making people laugh and smile and being the best mum and wife my family could have